a. the oldest ofb. older thanc. as old as

    a. it overlooksb. overlookedc. overlooking

    a. brokeb. burnedc. sprained

    a. gob. doc. play

    a. an agriculturalb. an industrialc. a residential

    a. reliableb. patientc. strict

    a. it was possibleb. was it possiblec. was possible

    a. have tob. mustn'tc. don't have to

    a. wentb. has gonec. has been

    a. will do; will gob. will do; goc. do; will go

    a. intob. worksc. with

    a. are known tob. thought toc. are believed that they

    a. brushb. cutc. wash

    a. increaseb. expandc. go up

    a. is someb. are somec. is a

    a. forb. onc. to

    a. would likeb. is planningc. is thinking of

    a. Didb. Werec. Have

    a. livingb. to livec. to living

    a. breakingb. cheatingc. committing

    a. I'm waitingb. I've been waitingc. I've waited

    a. Do youb. You arec. Are you

    a. made redundantb. promotedc. a raise

    a. a blogb. an emailc. a website

    a. creativeb. fitc. annoying

    a. high winds and snowb. heavy rain and cold temperaturesc. thick cloud but quite warm

    a. cut itb. have cut itc. have it cut

    a. toob. too muchc. too many

    a. I arriveb. I arrivedc. I'll arrive

    a. itb. thatc. which

    a. had beenb. wasc. would have been

    a. interestingb. popularc. difficult

    a. an airline flightb. a trainc. a taxi

    a. shouldb. oughtc. don't

    a. general electionb. opinion pollc. referendum

    a. billb. menuc. service

    a. duringb. forc. since

    a. anniversaryb. marriagec. wedding

    a. injectionb. operationc. X-ray

    a. I'mb. I wasc. I'd be

    a. an affluentb. a run-downc. a trendy

    a. sob. suchc. too

    a. breakthroughb. investigationc. progress

    a. have worriedb. used to worryc. was worrying

    a. Thatb. Whatc. Which

    a. tiredb. stressedc. relaxed

    a. watchingb. watchc. to watch

    a. check inb. set offc. work out

    a. accusedb. blamedc. denied

    a. farm animalsb. wild animalsc. pets