a. I twenty.b. Me is twenty.c. I ́m twenty.

    a. aren´tb. isn´tc. not

    a. brotherb. familyc. friend

    a. manyb. a lotc. the many

    a. No, it isn ́t.b. No, isn ́t it.c. No, he isn ́t.

    a. They areb. It isc. There are

    a. got.b. have got.c. has got

    a. some childrenb. any childrenc. a children

    a. workingb. worksc. am working

    a. smallestb. more smallc. smaller

    a. Didb. Werec. Have

    a. alwaysb. againc. still

    a. lookingb. wearingc. putting

    a. didb. wentc. have

    a. are eating / haveb. eat / are havingc. are eating / are having

    a. mustn´tb. shouldc. don´t have to

    a. As we were waitingb. When we waitedc. As son as we waited

    a. wasteb. despitec. put away

    a. knewb. had knownc. will know

    a. so thatb. so as toc. in order to

    a. howeverb. despitec. in case

    a. will sunbatheb. are going to sunbathec. will be sunbathing

    a. has been playingb. is playingc. has played

    a. throughb. thoughtfulc. thoroughly